The first place people turn when terrible things happen is their faith community.


Sure, there are prayers, potlucks, visitation, vigils and ministries--but do they have a current, accurate understanding of trauma?


More importantly, do they know how overwhelming experiences fit in their faith history and scripture?


The Sacredness of Trauma is designed for the people in the pews and their leaders.


It's not about mental illness, it's about how terrible things impact people and how practices followed by people of The Book align with contemporary knowledge to help people heal.


  • Inclusive of everyone

    This program is for faith communities across denominations and traditions.  It recognizes the presence and impact of systemic and structural issues, and  helps people recognize the universality of trauma and of the healthy responses faith communities can offer.

  • Strengthens Connections.

    Participants develop awareness of stories that meet the criteria for the definition of trauma, how trauma is transmitted generationally, how it impacts us and how we can heal -- all through the lens of their Scripture. They identify stories and tools their spiritual ancestors used, and learn about connections to current best practices.

  • Supports Every Ministry and All Leaders

    When folks include this vital knowledge, the entire faith community benefits. Drama reduces.  Cliques begin to soften. Leaders develop followers who are equipped to serve in a different way, and all of the ideas that people generate from this teaching help develop healthier faith. Leadership has the foundation to create dramatically transformative carefully designed services, retreats, and rituals that restore right relationship--where the telling of the stories people need to tell can be witnessed and healed.

The Sacredness of Trauma

6 Hour Course







Fred L.

"A Soul-Healing,
Church-Building Program"

(Pastor, part-time)

"Elizabeth helped us with a preaching series and Bible Studies about this, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. 

So many people freed from bondage, and so many  healed. There was an oppression that has lifted.
We changed so little, and we changed so much! 

I bless God for her work. "


"YES!! YES!! YES!!"

"Honestly, it was sooo good just
to SEE Elizabeth's face, hear her voice, and be REMINDED of all that I learned when she was in St Cloud, MN.


Trauma v. Crisis v. Distress...

YES! YES! YES! That reminder alone was worth tuning in. 

I loved  her on-planet/off-planet language and her framing questions..."

Laura N.

"Helped Me Find My Faith Again!"


"...I love the way you developed this for all people with a scripture.

"It helped me find my faith again because it left room for me to think, but helped me see the connections.


We have so much more in common in where we are hurt and the healing we seek. This was salve to my wounds."

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